You read my blog, right? I mean—here you are reading it. I’ve been having an internal debate for a while about something, wondering what people who read my blog would think. Then I realized there’s a wonderful way to find out: ask.

So far, Garbled has been mostly about programming stuff. I also do a fair amount of table-top role playing and since I started blogging, some of my ideas on that topic have ended up sounding like they might be worth a blog post. But I don’t really have a role playing blog. In considering whether to post about both topics on Garbled, I’ve got two conflicting things going on:

  • People say you should pick a topic and stick to it if you want to build readership. By this advice, I should talk only about programming here and find another place to post role playing thoughts.
  • My thinking about programming and about role playing happen in adjacent or overlapping regions of my mind, so, to me, they are somewhat complimentary. I sort of feel like seeing both those lines of thought paints a (more) complete picture of me as a person.

So what are your thoughts? Would a rare or uncommon post about role playing in general or maybe GURPS in specific be alright? Considering that it would mostly probably be about plot construction and other GM related activities. Or should I stick to programming and programming-adjacent topics? Let me know in the comments.