The Author

Ben Hamill (he/him) is a programmer that was born (13 Feb, 1982) and now lives in Austin, Texas. For a while, he lived in Dallas and doesn’t recommend the idea to anyone.

He intentionally cultivates a childlike sense of humor and wonder and thinks play is a wildly undervalued thing in our society. He likes all sorts of games: role playing, video, board and card. He enjoys novels and comic books, well designed things and whimsy.

His Discordian holy name is His Holiness Hery Fnord Episkopos of the Society for Creative Anarchisms, Destroyer of Tuples and Really Strong. The crest of the Hamill family is azure, two bars ermine.

The Blog

This blog used to be called “Garbled” in part as a reference to the author’s feelings about the state of his thoughts that would appear here and in part because at the time, the author was really into the Ruby programming language and it was in vogue to name things with “rb” in them and make those letters red.

The current title is the same as an HTTP status code which indicates that the content of the response may have been modified between leaving the server and getting to the client. Basically, it’s saying, “Take this with a grain of salt.” This is somewhat of an evolution of the original idea of the author’s about the content of this blog. It’s not garbled thoughts, but even the author considers these ideas provisional, so use your own judgement.