Ben Hamill is a programmer that was born (13 Feb, 1982) and now lives in Austin, Texas. For a while, he lived in Dallas and doesn’t recommend the idea to anyone. He loves Ruby and is exploring Rails. He likes all sorts of nerdy games: role playing, video, board and card. He enjoys novels and comic books, well designed things and whimsy. His Discordian holy name is His Holiness Hery Fnord Episkopos of the Society for Creative Anarchisms, Destroyer of Tuples and Really Strong. The crest of the Hamill family is azure, two bars ermine.

Ben’s blog, Garbled, is about Ruby, Rails, programming and related topics. Occasionally, a tangential, nerdy topic might pop up here, like role playing games or philosophy; comic books or politics. Feel free to skip anything on a topic you don’t care about.